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School comes first for us, and Panhellenic sororities maintain high standards of academic excellence for all of our sisters. Panhellenic sororities are the only sororities on Carleton's campus to have the opportunity to receive academic scholarships from their organizations and from the National Panhellenic Conference. Through study hours and academic resource help, our sisters always jump over the academic hurdles of university. 


Panhellenic sororities value leadership and encourage members to get involved within their chapters, the Panhellenic council, and throughout Carleton’s campus and beyond. Our sisters are not only leaders during Fall Orientation Week, executives in student politics, and leaders in countless clubs and societies, but are also Olympic athletes, politicians, and champions for leadership and excellence wherever they go. The leadership skills gained through your Panhellenic sorority experience will extend beyond your university years as you will have the potential to develop skills that are transferable to your future career. 



Each of our two sororities are affiliated with a local and/or international charity and host multiple fundraising events throughout the school year. Collectively, our members raise thousands of dollars and donate hours of their time to philanthropic causes.


There is no larger and stronger network than the one gained through being in a Panhellenic sorority. Panhellenic sisters not only gain a network of sisters from their own sororities, but an even larger network of the 26 National Panhellenic Conference sororities in Canada and the U.S.



University can be a difficult transition. It's hard to find a place to belong. By joining a Panhellenic sorority, you will have the chance to create lasting friendships that are made stronger by the bonds of sisterhood. Everyone leaves university with plenty of memories, but as a Panhellenic sister you will have some unique experiences compared to others. Your sisterhood memories will be moments you never forget!


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