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Carleton University Panhellenic Council

The Council

The Carleton University Panhellenic Council (CUPC), formerly known as Carleton Sororities was founded in September 2012. The council oversees the two Panhellenic sororities at Carleton and is made up of executives and delegates from each sorority.

History of CUPC

January 2, 1897

Alpha Omicron Pi founded at Barnard College in NYC


March 17, 1917

Delta Phi Epsilon founded at NYU School of Law in NYC


November 21, 1992

Alpha Omicron Pi's Gamma Chi chapter chartered at Carleton University

September 2012

Carleton Sororities founded

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April 5, 2016

Delta Phi Epsilon's Zeta Epsilon chapter chartered at Carleton University

July 2022

Carleton Sororities rebrands to Carleton University Panhellenic Council


2022 and onwards...

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