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FAQ: Sorority Life

Q: Are sororities like the ones in the movies?

Every sorority is different. Carleton University is home to two different organizations, all of which include unique and diverse women. Unfortunately, some images portrayed on TV or in movies do a poor job of reflecting the attitude of sororities. At Carleton, we stand for leadership, friendship, scholarship, philanthropy, and social development. We respect and cherish each others' differences and welcome you to experience our diversity yourself.

Q: What is the diversity like in sororities?

While Panhellenic sororities were traditionally created for white, cisgender, and heterosexual women, we are actively working towards concrete Equity, Diversity & Inclusion plans to make sure that ALL individuals wishing to be a part of the sorority experience can do so. We welcome all female identifying/non-binary people from all walks of life, ethnicities, religions, and cultures.

Q: What is the new member process like?

Each sorority has its own new member education program. The purpose of a new member program is to educate a new member on the organization's values and its history. Typically, the programs are fun and interesting and lead up to initiation into the organization. This is something you will learn throughout recruitment in more detail.

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