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FAQ: Recruitment

Q: How Does Recruitment Work?

Recruitment consists of various events for PNMs (Potential New Members) and the sororities to interact and build relationships. Throughout, you learn about each organization's values, history, philanthropies, and sisterhood, as well as each organization's time commitment and financial obligations. Throughout this process, PNMs and chapters participate in a mutual selection process so you choose your organization just as much as they choose you!

Q: Does everyone get a bid?

Recruitment is a process of mutual selection, and as such, there are many different outcomes to the process. You are not guaranteed a bid, but every effort is made to provide opportunities for involvement to any PNM who is interested in the sorority experience. A factor that may interfere with a PNM’s eligibility to join a Panhellenic sorority is their CGPA. Both Alpha Omicron Pi and Delta Phi Epsilon’s chapters have a minimum CGPA requirement of 6.00 that members must maintain.

Q: Do I have to attend all of the recruitment events to participate in formal recruitment?

The goal of Panhellenic recruitment is to give you the chance to meet and connect with both sororities so you can make the right decision for you. If being involved in Greek Life is something you are interested in, it is in your best interest to attend all of the events. The events have been planned to accommodate religious holidays and minimize conflict with classes and work schedules.

Q: Am I obligated to join a Panhellenic sorority if I participate in recruitment?

Going through recruitment does not mean you have to join a sorority. The objective of recruitment is to meet all the different sororities on campus and see what they can offer you. Hopefully, you will meet some wonderful people and want to join, but if you feel sororities are not for you, then that's okay! Going through recruitment does not commit you to joining.

Q: What if my friend doesn't get a bid or doesn't join the same sorority as I do?

That's perfectly O.K.! Many of our active members have friends outside of their organization, or the Greek community altogether. So, if the people you meet before recruitment tend to be leaning toward another organization, don't let that stop you. After all, we're all friends! One of the benefits of being in a Panhellenic organization is the fostering of friendships between our organizations; we love and respect each other regardless of the letters on our sweater.

Q: Is recruitment for first-year students only? Can I join a Panhellenic sorority If I'm an upper-year student?

All female identifying/non-binary individuals who are fully matriculated as undergraduate students, as defined by the college or university they attend, are welcome to join a sorority. You are welcome to attend recruitment regardless of your undergraduate academic year! Sororities offer advantages for all university students, regardless of age or year in school. No matter what year you are in, these events will be enjoyable, interesting, and informative.

Q: I'm an international student. Can I join a Panhellenic sorority?

Absolutely! International Students can join sororities. At Carleton, both Alpha Omicron Pi and Delta Phi Epsilon are home to international students. Anyone eligible to join a Panhellenic sorority is encouraged to come out to recruitment.

Q: How will I know which sorority is right for me?

Each sorority has its own mission, creed, and values that it lives by; however, overall, NPC organizations strive to provide members with friendship, opportunities for personal growth/development, and enjoyment. In order to choose a sorority that is right for you, participating in recruitment will give you the opportunity to meet members of all Panhellenic sororities on campus.


The recruitment process will allow you and the chapters to decide on the best fit. As you go through the process, be sure to keep an open mind, take notes after each round to remember your conversations, and most importantly be yourself.

If you decide to accept a bid from a Panhellenic sorority, the next step is going through the new member process. This is designed to make sure you are ready to make a life-long commitment to an organization. This period normally lasts 6-8 weeks but depends on your organization. If you would like to participate in recruitment again, you can do so at the time of the next primary recruitment period. Once you have accepted a bid from an NPC organization, you must wait until the next primary recruitment period to be eligible to receive another bid from an NPC organization.

If you truly think that the sorority to which you received a bid is the wrong group for you, you should make that decision before you are initiated. Once you are initiated into an NPC organization, you are ineligible for membership in any other NPC organization for the rest of your life. Going through initiation is a way to show that you are ready for a life-long commitment to your group.

Q: Can I join a sorority if I'm involved in other extracurriculars (sports, clubs, etc.)?

Athletes and members of other clubs and societies on campus are often members of sororities, and sorority members welcome the chance to go and support their sisters on the field, court, or at various events they're hosting. Once you join a sorority, you should inform them of your commitment to your other extracurricular activities so that they can work with you and make special arrangements for any events or obligations you might miss due to participation in another campus group!

Q: How much does it cost to be a member in a Panhellenic sorority?

Like any organization, sororities require fees to put on great programs and activities for their members. However, unlike many clubs, sororities have various scholarships and payment plans to help in covering these costs. During Panhellenic recruitment, there will be a presentation by each organization explaining the financial obligations and payment options. Ask the sorority members you meet during formal recruitment any questions you have. Financial concerns should not keep any student from joining a sorority.

Q: What should I wear to recruitment?

There is no strict dress code for formal recruitment; you will see PNMs wearing a range of outfits. The most important thing is to be comfortable and be you. However, there are event themes. The first day of recruitment is casual. Jeans with a nice, simple top would be an ideal choice for this event. From there, the events get progressively more formal. Preference, the final day of recruitment, is the most formal. Usually, PNMs wear a sundress, skirt, or dress pants. Bid day is when sororities extend membership invitations to new members. Bid day is also a more casual dress code, as it is generally an exciting, long day. Wearing similar clothes as Event 1 of recruitment would be ideal for bid day, as well as comfortable shoes.


Please remember that these are only suggestions, and you are welcome to wear whatever you like to Formal Recruitment; however, comfortable shoes are always a good idea!

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