Our History

National Panhellenic Conference

The National Panhellenic Conference is an international organization that provides support and guidance for its 26 members inter/national sororities, and serves as the national voice on contemporary issues of sorority life. Founded in 1902, the National Panhellenic Conference (NPC) is one of the oldest and largest womxn's membership organizations representing close to 4.8 million womxn at 670 college and university campuses and 4,500 local alumnae chapters. We donate more than $5 million to worthy causes, provide $2.8 million in scholarships to womxn, and volunteer 500,000 hours in our communities. Most importantly, Panhellenic sisterhood has been growing stronger and stronger for over 150 years; the first Panhellenic womxn's organization was founded in 1851.

For more information visit: https://www.npcwomen.org.

Greek Life in Canada

There are sororities all across Canada. Many people think that sororities and fraternities are only in the United States, but they are most definitely not! Greek letter organizations started in the US, and are very common on campuses there. However, many organizations began crossing the border into Canada over 100 years ago! Carleton's Greek community is one of Canada's largest, competing with long-established Greek campuses such as: University of British Columbia (19 Greek organizations), University of Alberta (16 Greek organizations), and University of Toronto (25 Greek organizations). Carleton University has 15 Greek organizations, and University of Ottawa, right next door, has 11!

Chapters in Canada tend to have the average international chapter size of 20-100 members; compare that to campuses in the US where chapters have 500+ members each. Thousands of members are much more noticeable on campus than a community of a hundred. By size isn't everything. Canadian chapters have the same traditions, procedures, and benefits as their American counterparts. Many women from Carleton University's international sororities have gone to international conventions and have discovered that they have sisters all over the world.