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Recruitment 2021

and how it's going to work!

If you have any questions about recruitment, send us an email at executive@carletonsororities.caIf you have a schedule conflict, contact the individual sororities.


Each sorority will be holding their own events individually. It’s in your best interest to consider each sorority.


If you haven’t done so already, fill out our Recruitment Interest Form, so that each sorority can also contact you individually.


Usually, sororities will begin with open events, in which anyone can attend. There may be events that you will receive an invitation for, so make sure to attend all events for which you have received an invitation. 


As a potential new member (PNM), you have certain rights during the recruitment process. You have the right to be treated as an individual, and the right to be fully informed about the recruitment process. 

You have the right to be treated with respect.  The expectation is that you as a potential new member (PNM), in turn, are respectful during the membership recruitment process. This means respect for chapter members, Panhellenic officers, chapter advisors and volunteers, and towards other PNMs.

Membership recruitment is a substance-free process. No one, neither you as a PNM nor any of the active members should be using or in the presence of drugs and alcohol during the membership recruitment period. During this recruitment process, please refrain from any sexist, homophobic, racist or otherwise abhorrent conversations or activities. These are never in line with our values. 


Carleton Sororities takes a ZERO TOLERANCE stance on hazing. We want you to feel safe, comfortable, and valued as you go through the recruitment process.


If you encounter any type of uncomfortable, discriminatory, or suspicious situations at any time, please contact Carleton Sororities President Ved Shimpi at Alternatively, you can call 1-888-NOT-HAZE (1-888-668-4293), which is an anti-hazing hotline sponsored by the National Panhellenic Conference.


Chapters are responsible for making sure that you (as a PNM) are aware of the financial obligations of membership before accepting a bid. Do ask questions during recruitment events to the sorority members you speak with if you have any questions about finances.


During recruitment, you will have conversations with members virtually, and you may be shown a video from the chapter. You will not share any video or virtual recruitment event, including a video in its entirety, or recordings, clips, screen shots, and/or quotes from video or virtual recruitment events. A breach of this agreement could result in disciplinary action. 


During recruitment, you may be asked to sign a Membership Recruitment Acceptance Binding Agreement (MRABA). This document is binding to both you and the chapter that extends you a bid. If you sign this document after meeting with a sorority, you may be extended a bid. 


Respond to bid invitations as soon as possible. 


If you accept a bid, you become a new member of the sorority that extends it to you. Your new member period normally is 6 to 8 weeks long, and during this time, you learn about the sorority's history, values, and more! After this period, you will be initiated into your sorority, and become an active member.


If you decide to leave during your new member period, you are ineligible for an invitation to membership from another Panhellenic sorority until the next formal recruitment period on our campus. If you choose to leave after you are initiated into your sorority, you cannot join any Panhellenic sorority on any campus again.


If you have any questions or want unbiased information or advice about recruitment, don’t hesitate to contact anyone on the Panhellenic executive team. You can email us at, or contact us individually through our social media.

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