Venassa Baptiste
Year: Fourth
Program: Business Commerce with a concentration in Accounting and minor in political science
Hometown: Pickering, ON
How Has Being In A Sorority Helped You Grow?
When I first came to Carleton, I was overwhelmed with being on my own for the first time and handling multiple new experiences by myself. Balancing my grades, budgeting my money, getting acquainted with the uni culture, preparing for my first “Adult” job: all of it! Not only that, I didn’t know anyone in Ottawa. Facing an unknown environment on your own can be daunting, which makes joining a sorority a great place to find a solid rhythm in succeeding throughout my post-secondary career. Joining a sorority helped me get through all of my firsts by helping me realize what my priorities are and how I can achieve them through the sorority experience. Whether it’s taking on leadership positions within the organization, volunteering with my sisters within the Ottawa community, or wearing my letters around campus to show my pride, joining a sorority means being surrounded by a group of girls who want to see you succeed in whatever you put your heart to! Being part of a group
of individuals who are here to help you get closer to your goals while having a great uni experience at the same time is a special opportunity I encourage anyone to pursue.
What Are Some Of Your Interests?
I’m a ball of energy! You can find me volunteering within the community either as a cheerleader on the Ottawa Sooners cheer team or with Women’s March Ottawa, working out on campus, or thrifting back in the GTA. I like to knit, and recently started crocheting while in quarantine. I also love to shop! Some may call me a shopaholic, I like to say I have an eye for a great deal!

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